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WAFO espresso



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Specifications Below.


  • SAE 316L Stainless Steel 
  • Non-magnetic metal
  • Commercial grade quality

Design & Manufacture Philosophy


  • Commercial quality:Durable to use 
  • Metal finishing:Brushing/Cleaning (SSPC—SP7)
    • Bottom shape :Nature curved after 9 bar extraction, NOT FLAT. 



    • The design philosophy of BLEND series is half pattern or  asymmetric design.
    • We try to cover the whole bottom area of Filter Basket with different shapes of holes but in a irregular layout. 
    • We want the extraction goes uneven but still has it's own tasting  character.
    • We want the water make a detour to run through the puck. 
    • The blend series basket has an ability to fusion the coffee taste in a harmonic way. 



    • The design philosophy of SOE series is full pattern design.
    • We try to cover the whole bottom area of Filter Basket with different shapes of holes. 
    • We want the extraction goes as even as possible.
    • We want the water runs through the shortest path. 
    • The soe series basket has the ability to keep the coffee taste simple, straight,and clear. 


    Buying Guide

    Its tough choice, but you can still buying wisely. The choice depends on how many baskets are you going to buy . there's some point you need to know.

    Our baskets has it's own name and apply a different pattern of holes.


    Different name has different tasting profile due to the pattern and flow rate design has an effect on extraction.

      • How to choose wisely depends on the budget
        • if you only buy one basket.
          • for Milkbase Drink :BLEND/ORIGIN ,SOE/CLASSIC,or SOE/KUROSHIO.
          • for Black coffee :BLEND/4STEPS,SOE/SPIRIT,or SOE/EVEREST.
          • for BOTH milkbase and black coffee:BLEND/CHECKMATE
        • If you buy two baskets.
          • ONE SOE basket WITH ONE BLEND basket
        • If you buy Three Baskets.
          • We recommend you buy 4 of them. 
        • If you buy "A FULL SET OF FOUR baskets".
          • You will face tough choice every morning just like me.
      • How to save Shipping charge.
        • DHL has a minimum shipping cost that within 4 baskets will be the same price, so we recommend you arrange a group buy.
      • If you want to buy shower screen
        • IMS competition shower screen works well in commercial, we highly recommend. 
      • If you want to buy filter basket other than 58mm
        • IMS basket would be the best.


    • E61 Groups
    • FAEMA
    • SLAYER
    • MAVAM


    • Recommend Dose :
      • 10~19 Grams
    • Recommend Tamper Size :
      • For 10 gram dose 58.2mm
      • For 18 gram dose 58.5mm
    • Ridgeless Inside Ridged Outside :
      • Ridgeless smooth inner wall with potafilter spring holder rim outside

    Suggested Work Flow

    • Adjust your Brew boiler Temperature:
        • Choose Brew Temp by roast level, normally from 88°C~98°C
        • Light roast :94~100°C
        • Medium roast :90~96°C
        • Dark roast:88~94°C
    • Suggest Water Debit:
        • 50~120ml/10sec, small water debit will cause some unstable extraction. That leads to a wider flavor range. Also wider range from acidity to sweetness to bitterness. Higher the clarity of flavor, but also cause sharpness felling.Usually suit for high quality light to medium roasted beans.
        • 120~400ml/10sec, big water debit will maintain the extraction in a stable condition. That leads to a narrower taste range. Taste more rounded and warm. Good for medium to dark roasted.
    • Grind beans:
        • RDT if you want.
        • 16~20grams for H24.7 , I would suggest 18g would be a good start.
        • Grind finer(3 intervals or notches ) than normal basket, 
    • Prepare your puck:
        • No Bottom Filter Paper. Bottom paper will mute or blurr the flavor.
        • Wdt if you want, I think that helps, especially when extract under  low bar. When catching coffee grounds after grinding, the fines usually falls off in the end due to knocking or blowing air to the chute. So I suggest you do WDT skill  to avoid the fines cover on the top of the pucks. Fines migration during the extraction will affect the flow rate and taste. If the fines can't spread evenly in the puck, the shot taste will taste more unpredictable.  
        • Easy Tamping within 15 kgf , Flat base or Ripple base.
        • Using tamper diameter 58.2mm for all WAFO baskets. Big tamper diameter sucjh as 58.5mm sometimes will suck up and lift the puck when remove the tamper. 
        • After Tamping ,No Top Paper ,No Metal Puck Screen.
    • Pre-infusion with Low Pressure and shorter time:
        • e.g. 0.5~2 bars, no more than 5 sec.
    • Brewing Pressure:
        • The lower the pressure the higher the flow rate.
        • Light Roast : 6~8 bar
        • Medium to Dark Roast : 7~9 bar
        • No more than 10 bar
    • Brewing Time: 
        • Brewing time is always a result of a shot. Not a extraction parameter to change.You can change the grind size to affect the brew time , but the brew time is always the result. 
    • Brew Ratio:
        • From 1:1~1:20 will be recommended.(YES, 1:20 not a type error)
        • High quality extra or nordic style light roast beans can try the brew high ratio. 
    • After brewing ,rinse basket with hot water, and detach portafilter from your group head.This helps to prevent basket from clog coffee grounds.
    • Enjoy your coffee.

    Tasting Profile

    It depends on your PASSION.

    Espresso shot thru WAFO basket extracts well at a large range of brew ratio.(From 1:3 ~ 1:20 )

    With PASSION , there's much more tasting profile to discover.


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